Squirrels can cause a number of problems for property owners. Typically squirrels will live in trees but when they move indoors, that’s when issues can arise. We will complete an inspection of your home or office. Here at Lincoln Pest & Property Solutions we are the experts when it comes to squirrel removal in the RI area. We have options to safely and humanly exclude the squirrels from your home or office.

It is important to have these nuisance animals removed quickly from your property. These animals will use insulation and wiring from the building to build its nest causing expensive damages, including possible fires. Also, when they nest they will leave behind fecal material which can cause illness. Squirrels are always looking towards the winter and thinking of their food supply, this is why they will bury nuts and acorns which will result in causing damage to your yard. If you are experiencing an issue with squirrels and are in need of squirrel removal in the Rhode Island area, please contact Lincoln Pest & Property Solutions today.

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