Skunks are famous for the powerful smell that they leave behind but they are also very dangerous. The Lincoln Pest & Property Solutions technicians have been trained to perform skunk removal and will perform it in the Rhode Island area. Do not attempt to remove any skunks on your own because you risk getting hurt or becoming sprayed by the animal. Our highly trained staff has years of experience in skunk removal. In most cases, skunks can be removed in just a few days by trapping them and it's not uncommon to catch a family of skunks in one area. Skunks can cause a considerable amount of damage to your property and could result in expensive repairs. Skunks not only pose a threat to your home and outside enjoyment but also to your pets. If you are in fact experiencing trouble with a skunk and you are within the RI area please contact Lincoln Pest & Property Solutions now and we will help you resolve the issue quickly and remove the skunk from your property.

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