At Lincoln Pest & Property Solutions we specialize in bat removal in RI. We have trained specialists ready to help with any situation. Bats can find their way into most buildings and will typically reside in an attic or chimney.

As soon as bats are suspected, Lincoln Pest & Property Solutions should be contacted for removal.If the bats are not removed quickly they can leave behind quite a mess. Their guano (or fecal droppings) may lead to illnesses such as rabies or histoplasmosis for the people in your home or office and could cause allergies to worsen.

We will perform the bat removal and have the bat tested for rabies. Lincoln Pest & Property Solutions can provide cleanup of the hazardous materials that the bats leave behind to make your home and office safe again. Our highly trained staff will also advise you as to what needs to be done to help ensure that the issue does not happen again. Please contact Lincoln Pest & Property Solutions for all of your bat removal needs in the Rhode Island area today.

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