Handyman Services

Serving Rhode Island & Southeastern Massachusetts

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If you are like most of us, busy schedules leave little time for small home repairs. As with most people, there are many home repairs you'd love to take care of and now your growing "To Do" list seems overwhelming and unmanageable. Your to do list could include anything from adding a new chimney cap, installing a new light fixture or even fixing a leaky faucet.

Where do you start? Let the handyman at Lincoln Pest Control help. Yes, Lincoln Pest Control can help. Often, while our technicians are at your home or office completing a pest service, they will see small repairs that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, many small home repairs can turn into big repair bills if left unchecked. Our handyman can come to your home, look at the repairs that need to be fixed and discuss available options.

Here are just a few of the repairs that we can help with:

Painting, Flooring, Electrical, General Carpentry, Window Installation and many other Home Maintenance items.

Lincoln Pest Control's handyman services can help. We can repair your home or office in RI and MA.

Lincoln Pest Control offers handyman services to customers in Rhode Island ( RI ) and Southeastern Massachusetts ( MA ).

Contractor’s License # 39708